bpython has a small and unfriendly community surrounding it! Read this page to know how to find us.


Join us in #bpython on, we get lonely.

Mailing List

Our good friends at Google have been kind enough to provide us with a mailing list.


bpython has its own account: bpythonrepl. You can follow Bob at bob_farrell or you can follow Simon at simondevlieger.


If you have psychological issues that prevent you from using IRC or signing up to a mailing list you can email bob:

bob at bpython-interpreter dot org

(That's, except it stops spam bots from finding bob's address).

Please call me "Bob" in emails; I get weirdos calling me "Robert" or "Robert Anthony" and it freaks me out a bit.

Issue Tracker

If you find a bug in bpython or have a suggestion for a new feature, please first make sure you're using the latest development release (see download page) and if it hasn't been fixed/added, go here and open a new issue.


Want to set up a Wiki for us? Email me to let me know where it is and the link will go here.