Today, about a year and nine months after the first commit I pushed to the bpython repository, I received a donation for $5 - the second donation I've received. So that's a total of $15. We estimate that we have at least 5 000 users, with an average of 40 or so downloads a day this month alone, and that's before the new release we just pushed today!

I'm pretty sure that the other 4998 or so users who haven't donated aren't all bad people, just that it never really occured to them to donate. So that's why I'm writing this; to hopefully give the rest of the users a bit of perspective and realise how much difference it can make to me as an open source developer when somebody takes the time to donate a few dollars. You'll be one in a small handful and your donation will most certainly be noticed.

Whether people donate or not, myself and the other bpython developers are still going to carry on working on the project; probably just the same as we would if we got several donations a month, so this isn't some kind of threat - we like bpython and we use it every day, so we want it to be a good tool, and we're not greedy enough to keep that to ourselves just to make a few bucks.

To put this in perspective a little, to say thank you to the two guys who have contributed significant amounts of code to bpython and to the bpython website (Andreas Stuehrk and Simon de Vlieger), I bought them both an Amazon gift voucher for Christmas, the sum total of which came to a lot more than I have received in donations - it seems kind of ironic really, but I'm grateful for the work they've put in, so I got them a small gift as a token of my appreciation. As a business, we're certainly not even close to breaking even. ;-)

So I'm not begging you to give me money and I'm not going to threaten to stop working on the project if you don't donate, I'm just saying that if you do donate, you can be certain that I will be very grateful. See it as buying me a beer in the pub. Chances are that's what I'll spend it on anyway. :-) If you can't afford to donate or simply don't see the point, don't worry about it - I hope you get as much use out of bpython as I do. I'd be very glad to hear from you if you do have something positive to say!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and a very big thank you to everybody who has taken the time to donate or send me a thank-you email in the past, and even to those who didn't find the time: you're all very welcome!

All the best,

Bob Farrell <bob at bpython-interpreter dot org>